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The Ostrov River Club has all the conditions for your comfortable day stay!

The pool area is equipped with loungers, towels and mini tables, as well as comfortable descents into the water, a wooden deck on the perimeter, a terrace with a fabric Pergola (canopy), which allows you to hide from the scorching sun and get a uniform tan.
The aqua area has a summer bar where guests can sample wood-fired pizza, pita and a variety of snacks. As well as a lot of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails from our new bar menu.

The main pool of the complex:

Pool opening hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

It is 40 to 6 m in size.

Depth: 1.4 m.

Heated pool with comfortable swimming conditions from April to October. The water temperature in the pool does not drop below 22 degrees Celsius. A state-of-the-art water purification and filtration system is used.


Children’s pool:

It is 6 to 3 m in size.

Depth : 0.8 m.

The water in it is further filtered.

Exclusive own mini laboratory allows you to conduct 9 level water quality control!

Near the pool is its own private beach, equipped with sun umbrellas and sun beds. The beach is located on the bed of the Samara River. The descent into the river is clean and gentle.
The Island offers rental swimming, inflatable, sports and gaming attributes. For the most active holidaymakers – there is a volleyball field and a playground for mini football.
There is a playground and a large trampoline with a shadow canopy for young guests.
Children’s animators and sports instructors work on the territory every day.
The island is a modern and fashionable venue for a variety of events and concerts. The complex is equipped with modern sound and light equipment.


River Island Club is the perfect holiday destination for you and your family!

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