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VIP Fishing

VIP Fishing

Fishing for a real man is important!

From time to time, many people have a desire to give up everything and go fishing. To distract from the fuss, to sit in silence or in a circle of close friends, to wander barefoot on the water, to cook at the stake, just caught, fish, to buy and sunbathe.

But if you are not a professional fisherman, then you have little chance. The set of gear is not worth a small amount of money, but it’s half-trouble.
Only if there is a desire to go fishing in my head there are questions: where to go? How do you get there? How do you get back? And the boat? And the gasoline? And the engine? Is there a biting? What’s there to catch?
That’s it. That’s the end of the fishing. ((

Now imagine:
– You are brought and taken to the place where a modern four-seater boat is waiting.
– For you prepared professional gear and a full set of all sorts of things (the names of which you do not even know).
“Throughout the fishing trip, you are accompanied by a professional fisherman-conductor. He knows where the biting will be, will prompt the subtleties and nuances of fishing, knows all the local fins as his five fingers, knows a lot of interesting stories about fishing and not only, and in addition to everything professionally prepares!

As a result, we have:

  • 4-hour professional tour fishing in the fins of Samara,
  • NO PROBLEM with the preparation and cost of the tackles,
  • delicious lunch of fresh fish,
  • only positive emotions and a charge of positivity!!!


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